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Have seen and spent the best times with Talia,… twice. A beautiful soul, loves to laugh, & great conversation! Well worth your time, she is beautiful, intelligent and fun to be with. Miss her and can’t wait to see her soon! 💐😊

Talia looks better in person her flat belly paired with her huge breasts and big perfect ass – a true dream girl! A living doll and absolute sweetheart!

Met Talia for the first time today. I tried a few months ago, but she runs a very tight schedule and sometimes it can take a bit of luck to finally arrange a meeting with this beauty. I was so thrilled when I found out that she could accommodate my request. Needless to say, I had a wonderful experience. She’s very warm and inviting. She loves conversation and pays very close attention to her partner, not the clock. Thank you so much for such an amazing opportunity!

After seeing her great pics I decided to meet her. Making the appointment was simple and quick. From the moment she opened the door I know I had made the right choice. From the pics I already knew she had a great body but what I didn’t know and was pleased to find out was that her best feature is her face and her personality. She is a stunning girl that every man would be lucky to be with yet she makes you feel like you’re a king. The only question you have isn’t if you should see her but rather how soon.

Talia was my very first “companion experience”. Although her screening process takes a few minutes, it is worth every second. She is great with beginners, and even better with frequent clients (like I am now!). She is the total package ….. as evil, or as sensual, as you desire. Her Domme session will leave you craving for more. Her body is perfection …. Beautiful face, large and perfectly shaped breasts and an ass that will “control you”. She has recently lost weight and looks even more amazing if that is possible. You won’t believe your eyes, she is a true Goddess. I can’t get enough of Talia. Spend some time with her …. you will definitely understand the meaning of “Perfection Personified”.

I just had a date with Talia and I’m not sure I will be able to go to sleep. I have never seen such a beautiful woman in person. I’m not even exaggerating, she has a gorgeous face and beautiful neck (A sexy neck line drives me crazy) phenomenal thighs and world class breasts that would make me do almost anything. She’s such a nice person and I very much enjoyed chatting with her. She is very up front and honest, something that is truly undervalued these days. I’ve had my fair share of low end providers and I’m fortunate to have found the diamond gem! Anyone who has been with her and has been honest with themselves knows that she’s a class act and truly a one of a kind. As another person mentioned, she caters to the business professionals and this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience from a better provider. I will be back in town in a few weeks and will definitely make time to see her.

Very nice girl who loves to get to know her clients. Some vodka, some chatting and she really starts to open up. Likes to keep clean and set up for her guest. All in all a great woman.

Talia was amazing!! A very lovely smart, beautiful woman. She makes you feel very welcomed and after a couple of minutes you feel like you have known her since ever. She is open to conversations of any type. And her beautiful body makes time fly just watching it. Talia does her very best in working with your schedule and at no moment does she make you feel rushed or wierd. Def want to spend more time with this beautiful lovely woman.

Wow! I am almost speechless with the experience I had with Talia. No question that Talia sets the precedent for what the Business Professional is seeking. Not only is she ridiculously gorgeous, but she’s articulate, cordial and very cognizant of prioritizing a glorious experience. You may say “yah right” to this review but I can not verbalize more candidly of how incredible this woman is and how she unconsciously has the ability of making you feel really good about yourself. I am indebted! Nothing else I can say!

Talia –
Great meeting you in NYC last week – you were the best part of my trip. The flight attendant even commented on my chirpy demeanor. Hope you consider a trip to London. Count me in for an extended package when you do.

talia is an absolute goddess. she is the real deal.

Saw Talia this past week after dealing with a long hard week with the Hurricane and my business. Our session was like a mini vacation. The outside world dissapears when you are with her, she’s that amazing.

Talia is truly one of a kind. Her upbeat and positive energy is only complimented by her sensual side, which still has me reeling! An experience you should have at least once and hopefully many times for myself in the future.

Talia was extremely sweet and beautiful. I enjoyed every minute with her.

HOTTEST woman on the PLANET.

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